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Taylor Swift Lifestyle Session

PortraitsTraci MedlockComment

I’ve known Caroline for several years, and even back when she was just starting high school, I knew she was going to be a Big Deal. I’ve been lucky to photograph her perform in a variety of roles, but my favorite memories of her are from this past summer, when she would come over and hang out while we ate sushi, had dance parties on my kitchen counters or just sang show tunes at the piano. I love how open and unjudgemental she is. I love that she can laugh at herself – but also examine her own heart. She is so secure in who she is, and it makes me want to be like her any time we talk.

As soon as she said she wanted her session to feel like Taylor Swift’s 1989 personified, I knew we were going to be shooting her session in New York City, where she is attending college this fall. And wow, it was amazing. I brought my husband and she brought her friend Kat, and we would’ve made Tay Tay proud! I hope the images show what an amazing time we had – because when I look at them, I see not only the beautiful young lady that Caroline is (inside and out!), but also one of the best weekends of my life.