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5 Gorgeous Northern Virginia Portrait Locations

Traci Medlock

Virginia is such a beautiful state - and especially Northern Virginia! Having lived here my entire life, I feel like I can truly speak to the awesomeness of this area. You have urban areas like Arlington (and let's not forget we're only a stone's throw from D.C.), true suburbs like Ashburn and Sterling (holla, 703!) and then beautiful rolling mountains and vineyards out west in Purcellville and beyond. Seriously, so much variety - which gives clients a TON of options when it comes to picking a location for their photo session! So today, I wanted to share some of my favorite locations I share with my clients, when we begin planning our sessions.

Morven Park - Of course I am going to list this first on my list - it's a very special place to my heart, because this is where JD and I got married! What I love about Morven Park is that if you want a location that gives you the most bang for your buck - this is it. It's got everything: manicured gardens, brick walls, a historical home, magnolia trees and a beautiful iron gate  - look no further than Morven if you want a classic and outdoor session! 

Things to know: Morven Park requires a reservation and has a permit fee for all photography, unless you're a member - which I am! 

Oatlands Plantation - Oatlands is a stunning location, and I have been lucky to photograph a couple weddings there! I also love using their location for portraits, as there are so many beautiful locations to explore. Fountains, gorgeous gardens, giant trees, hidden nooks and crannies - it's so fun to shoot here, I always discover a "new" favorite spot at Oatlands!

Things to know: Oatlands Plantation requires a reservation and has a permit fee for all photography.

Red Rocks Park - Red Rocks is definitely a go to in the Leesburg area - look at all these fun walls!! I love the variety of stone textures, and this location works well for seniors, engagements or family portraits! There's also a super adorable covered bridge in the same area - we can usually hit both locations up for your session for additional variety! 

The Barn at One Loudoun - One Loudoun is such a vibrant area - perfect if you want a more "urban" feel without going too far into the city, but it also has some gorgeous walking paths and a cute red barn back behind the development! 

Claude Moore Park - Claude Moore is one of my favorite places to shoot at - it has beautiful open spaces but also buildings to provide shade. I love the variety of buildings here - from worn brown and grey barns to white wooden walls, it's a great background for any session!